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Little Woods Bonsai Nursery has now closed down!

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Little Woods Bonsai Nursery

Has Now Closed Down!

Bonsai Outdoor Trees, Little Woods Nursery, Crews Hill, EN2 9DP
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, literally "Tree/Plant in a Pot", is without doubt a distinctive art form unlike any other. A landscape impressionist captures the beauty of the natural world, brings it down to scale and conveys his personal interpretation and style on canvas, producing images designed to inspire the onlooker. It is the same with Bonsai, however as an art form it has one major difference, the material worked upon is alive! And therefore has rightly been classified as Living Art.

Bonsai has come to mean much more than "Tree in a Pot". The word Bonsai is simply an abbreviation of what this fascinating hobby truly is. Nature miniaturised in the form of Landscapes, Forest Plantings and Lonely Trees, designed to reflect stillness and giving the viewer as well as the artist an impression of Time, Space and Movement, and a host of other aesthetic qualities, especially those reflecting the beauty of the inner being. It is also the culmination of various traditions from India, Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan and possibly more, which has made bonsai what it is today.

Here at The Little Woods Bonsai Nursery we cater for beginners and enthusiasts. There are a great number of trees to choose from. We supply saplings, bonsai kits, bonsai tools, trainer trees and specimen bonsai to meet all requirements. Why not try this relaxing hobby with a difference. We shall only be too pleased to help you along the way.

Bonsai Trees, Bonsai Courses, Crews Hill, London EN2 9DP
bonsai trees, bonsai courses
Bonsai Pottery Courses, Crews Hill, London EN2 9DP
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Bonsai plants and accessories, Little Woods Bonsai Nursery, Enfield EN2 9DP
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